The Religion’s debut album is a fitting start to an eclectic catalog,  if only because it is so unlike anything else The Religion would ever do.  “The Demonomicron” is a fast, fun, and relentless electronic metal album that manages to be completely dedicated-to and invested-in its concept, while also not taking itself too seriously. Each song on “The Demonomicron” tells a fictional story with themes drawn from Sci-Fi and Horror. With stories about an android messiah, an ancient evil stalking a New England town, an astronaut lost in orbit around Neptune, and more “The Demonomicron” is filled with interesting and entertaining imagery and concepts all set to fast and furious guitars and drums that never stop.

This deluxe edition of “The Demonomicron” includes four bonus tracks that were originally released on the short-run companion EP “The Alternomicron.”


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  • Words and music composed and performed by Adam Drew
  • Mixing and engineering by Adam Drew
  • Vocal recording and engineering by Daniel DeLorenzo
  • Mastered by Adam Straney for Breakpoint Mastering
  • Additional synth textures on “Android Messiah” by Hiro Coleslaw
  • All movie samples taken from films that have passed into the public domain