“Envy” – the first single from the album “Anhedonia” – is available on all streaming platforms now. The single release is 3 tracks: the “Envy” single edit and 2 original remixes that radically deconstruct and re-envision the original song, including a remix from The Outsider.


“Envy” is a high energy and driving synth-pop track with biting lyrics that explore the feelings of jealously, envy, and ambivalence that are universal, but we’re loathe to talk about. On “Envy” Adam Drew said:

“My music and sexuality have always been in tension with each other. A lot of the music I’m interested in is sort of traditionally masculine – aggressive, in your face, sometimes angry or even violent. ‘Envy’ is the kind of song I always wanted to do but never quite felt like I could, because it wouldn’t fit that sort of mold that a lot of the music I like and admire fits into. I decided to let all that go on “Anhedonia” and find my own way, and “Envy” kind of exemplifies that, I think – it’s in your face and aggressive in a different way; it’s a rock song but with a kind of bitchy, queer edge to it.”

Listen to “Envy” on your preferred digital platform:

You can also find envy on Tidal, Deezer, and many more services.