Just shy of two years ago I released Fragments. It was my biggest and best album to date. I did more, and did it better than ever on Fragments. But I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t excited for the release and I didn’t feel any sense of accomplishment. It took me a while to figure out Continue reading RELEASE


The first single from “Anhedonia” is called “Envy” and it is out now. Links to the popular streaming services and some info about the single release are on that previously linked page. I wanted to write a little bit more about the song and the single release – to give some insight into where it Continue reading ENVY


The new album is called “Anhedonia” and is coming soon. This is my most ambitious album to date, both in terms of the music itself and the release. “Anhedonia” will be released on both vinyl and digital. Due to the vinyl, the post-production phase of this album is longer and more complex than previous releases. Continue reading ANHEDONIA


It was kind of weird that an artist that has been combining music with technology for 2 decades wouldn’t have a website; it seemed like maybe I should do something about that. I’m not convinced anyone gives a shit about websites anymore. With Facebook pages, and Instagram profiles, and Bandcamp and Spotify, I am not Continue reading NEW SITE