The Religion is a genre-bending musical project imagined by multi-instrumentalist, technologist, songwriter and producer Adam Drew. Inspired by new wave, synthpop, ‘70s and ‘80s prog rock and cinematic instrumental music, the songs of The Religion combine science and energetic emotion, driving through the intersection of music and technology. Drew’s knack for sonic experimentation, talent for capturing memories and the authentic flow of life and his well-honed production skills shine through each song. His works are sweet alchemy made up of masterful/careful arrangements of lush keyboard/synth-driven melodies, layered harmonies, contagious rhythms and moody vocals that glide through words that are all at once fresh and joyful, bittersweet and melancholy. 

The Religion’s new album Anhedonia is an ambitious collection that Drew dreamed up for piano and voice, then set within a synthpop atmosphere that is both lively and haunting. Fully written and produced by the artist, the songs embrace the bright and complex spectrum of human emotion, revealing clever lyrics that illuminate how challenging emotions like fear, pain, anger, loneliness and sadness can be transformed into beauty, truth and pure happiness.  

Drew grew up in a home dedicated to dissecting and appreciating the richness of recorded music as an art form. Surrounded by the concept albums of Pink Floyd and Rush, he began to study piano and the art of songwriting and how he could use computers and technology to make music, expanding his world as he discovered the sound-bending magic of groups like the Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Eurythmics and Placebo. Along the road, he found his voice as a singer and also picked up guitar, bass and other synthesized instruments. It is Drew’s artistic flexibility and passion for learning, soaking up new music and pushing the boundaries of genres and styles that fuels his on-going evolution and why each release by The Religion is a new and distinctive surprise.  

In 2012, Drew released his debut album as The Religion, The Demonomicron, followed by The American, Malfunction, Fragments and The Usermode Sessions. Ahedonia will include elaborate artwork inspired by the music and will be released digitally and on vinyl soon.